AUTOMATIK PLUS DOO (LLC) is production and development company from Serbia. Since 1980. we are involved in development, improvement, prototyping and production of high quality products for various industries. We have a great theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the design and manufacturing of plastic and metal parts. Our flexible team consists of people who are professionals in their fields and who are very dedicated to finish each task successfully.

The entire process in one place

The entire process in one placeAll stages of the production process from product design including design for manufacturing and design for assembly, prototyping, tooling and manufacturing, are in one place. In this way space for error is reduced to a minimum and time to completion of the project is optimal. In this way we can achieve the best result with the least trial and errors attempts. 

Professionalism and experience

Professionalism and experienceWe are in business more then 35 years during all this years we had contact with large number of partners and clients from corporations to individuals. Through open communication with our clients we have developed extensive experience and diversity of our services, we treat each client and every job with extreme care.

Trust and confidentiality

Trust and confidentialityAll our activities are oriented in order to build long-term cooperation. Our commitment to build solid relationship with clients and excellent service will create an environment for the promotion of business activities. All the crucial data, information and details regarding business for us are of great importance. We treat all information relates with great responsibility.

The use of modern technology

The use of modern technologyThe use of the latest manufacturing technology combined with experienced and skilled team, guarantees the highest quality products even with the most demanding projects. Continuous improvement of our capabilities and capacity is guarantee that we will continue to be here to meet all your requirements in future like we were doing since 1980.

Creativity and new solutions

Automatik PlusOur solutions are enriched with vast experience and readiness to solve new problems in new way. We can design new or improve existing products within the functionality and productivity, so that the user experience and production needs are met.   

Progress tracking and transparency