Injection mold making

Injection mold making is our specialty since 1980. We design and manufacture plastic injection molds from highest quality steel and components for mass production as well as aluminium prototype molds. The whole process of injection mold making from mold design, machining, edm and proficient craftsmanship is in one place, providing top quality and reliability. A large number of successfully developed plastic injection molds, a vast and versatile experience are guarantee that every next injection mold making project will be successfully finished. Plastic injection molds can be made in a variety of configurations.

Injection mold configurations

  • Prototype, single or multi-cavity production mold
  • Mold with cold or hot runner
  • Standard or tunnel gating system
  • Mold with one or more sliders
  • Mold with complex splitting surface
  • Unscrewing injection mold

Injection mold features

  • Experienced and creative mold design
  • Highest quality tool steel
  • Precise and efficient machining
  • Proficient craftsmanship
  • High quality surface and finishing
  • Very effective cooling system

Injection mold making | Injection mold with slides

Injection mold making

Injection mold insert | Tool steel 1.2767 - 55 HRc

Injection mold insert | Tool steel 1.2767 – 55 HRc