Injection molding

Injection molding is a highly versatile and widely used manufacturing process that is used to produce a wide variety of plastic products. With its high efficiency, precision, and accuracy, injection molding has become a popular choice for producing parts in high volumes with excellent consistency. From automotive and aerospace to medical and consumer goods, injection molding is used in a variety of industries to produce high-quality parts that meet strict requirements.

Advantages of injection molding

There are many advantages to using injection molding for manufacturing plastic parts, including:

  • High Volume Production: Injection molding is a highly efficient process that can produce large volumes of parts quickly and consistently.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Injection molding allows for precise and accurate manufacturing, with tight tolerances and high repeatability.
  • Material Selection: Injection molding allows for a wide range of materials to be used, including specialized and high-performance materials.
  • Design Flexibility: Injection molding allows for complex and intricate parts to be produced with ease, with the ability to create parts with multiple components and over-molding.

Injection molding process steps

The injection molding process involves several steps, including:

  • Part design, validation, and material selection. The first step in the injection molding process is design or validation of received project according to the requirements of the injection molding rules and selected material. ☝️ Only 3D models that are 100% according to the design rules of plastic products are ready for the next stage. We can design from scratch or improve your model to production level. At our company we are processing wide range of materials from standard plastics like PP, ABS and PA to more specialized materials like polycarbonate.
  • Mold design and mold making is next step in the production of plastic parts. Once the material is selected and part design is finished, a mold must be designed. The mold is usually made from steel or aluminum and is designed depending on the material for which the tool is made and the service life of the tool.
  • Injection molding or production is last stage in production of plastic parts. On our modern equipment we are processing raw materials accordingly to manufacturer specifications including drying process where needed.
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