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Who are we?

AUTOMATIK PLUS  is production and development company from Serbia. We are involved in development, improvement, prototyping and production of high quality products for various industries. Our flexible team consists of people who are professionals in their fields and who are very dedicated to finish each task successfully.

What we do?

We are highly experienced in the development and production of plastic and metal parts. Our focus is developing technology for production and optimization of parts design for manufacturing. We can offer various manufacturing technologies such as milling, turning, plastic and zinc injection molding for parts manufacturing.

Injection mold making

Injection mold making

Injection mold making is our specialty since 1980. We design and manufacture plastic injection molds from highest quality steel and components for mass production as as well as aluminium prototype molds.  The whole process is in one place providing top.

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Injection molding

Injection molding

We can offer a injection molding service which combined with the development of tools for the injection molding can wrap up the whole process of production of plastic parts. The service includes complete maintenance of injection molding tools during operation.

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Sheet metal

Progessive die tools

Progressive die tool require special attention in design and manufacturing. Properly constructed and maintained our progressive dies can last a long time. We manufacture our tools with great knowledge, precision from steel heat treated and controlled, leaving no room for error.

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Machining services from prototype parts to small and large series. Using modern technology and extensive experience in metalworking we can respond to the production of the most demanding parts. CNC milling, turning, grinding…

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Milling services from prototype parts to small and large series. Using conventional and cnc milling machines as well as extensive experience in milling we can offer production of the most demanding milling parts from various materials.

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High quality and tight tolerance turning services. Using conventional, cnc and swiss turning machines as well as extensive experience in turning we can offer production of the most demanding turning parts from aluminium, brass and steel.

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Zinc casting

Zinc casting

Zinc casting under pressure is one more method that we can offer to our production. Products formed by Zinc casting or Zinc injection molding have high accuracy, strength and they are ready  for application of various surface protection.

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Why choose us

Why choose us?

  • The entire process in one place
  • Professionalism and experience
  • Trust and confidentiality
  • The use of modern technology
  • Creativity and new solutions

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