Mold making

Injection mold making is a complex manufacturing process that requires careful mold design, planning, precision machining, experienced craftsmanship, and testing to ensure high-quality products and trouble-free production. We are involved in mold making for more than 50 years.

Mold design

The first step in injection mold making is to create a design for the mold. This design consider specifications of the product or part that will be produced with the mold. The design should also consider the type of plastic that will be used in the molding process, as well as any specific requirements for the production process like mold lifetime. In this phase, the type of tool steel and its hardness is also chosen.

Machining the Mold

The mold is mostly machined using CNC technology to create the required shapes and cavities. The mold components must be precisely and accurately produced to ensure that the injection molding process produces high-quality parts. Our molds have a high level of surface finish without machining marks or material flashing and long serving life.

Mold Assembly

After all components are machined and controlled mold should be carefully assembled. During this stage all moving parts and fixed components should fit together in tight relationships, forming the mold as a single unit. After each production cycle, the mold is disassembled, cleaned, all elements are inspected and lubricated in preparation for the next use.

Testing and Production

Final stage before production is testing. This stage should ensure that finished plastic products are fulfill required specifications and that mold is functioning properly. Parts are tested together by our company and by the customer. After the approval of samples, it is possible to proceed to the injection molding phase.

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